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After the ARMY I decided to start a small Landscape business because when I was growing up I spent hours with my father working on our 5 acre lawn with 15 separate flower beds. See he would say that he wanted to have a better looking yard then the our neighbor (Mr money bags) which is how my father referred to him because he always paid to have his yard maintained and really any other repairs and so forth on his home. My father was proud of the fact that he could do anything with his own hands, and I’m glad because he raised me to be that kind of man as well.

So with all that I had learned from him and 20 years of taking care of my own yard I thought I would do well as a landscaping business owner. Well I did okay, we ended up selling the business and moving to the Pacific Northwest because my wife was still on active duty and came down on orders one last time . But up here the yards are not as big as we had been accustomed to down south, which to be honest I don’t mind at all less for us to maintain. But I did notice that a lot of my neighbors after finding out about my old business had questions on different plants and how often should you water your grass and what is the best weed eater you get the point.

So I started Lawn Passion to help people that are wanting to do there own yard maintenance as well as come up with good low cost landscape ideas and different yard hacks I picked over the years that will make your yard the best looking most trendiest yard on your block.

We also love to make recommendations when we find products that we love and find really useful. Sometimes we make a commission from those recommendations, but we don’t recommend products we don’t believe in. We look for yard equipment, fertilizers and anything else that helps make all your yard projects or outdoor spaces better – and easier for you!

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Out door space and Lawn passion.
Small yard landscaping ideas and equipment.